Discipline Lead:  Dave Guyan

Disciplinary Secretary:  David Parry-Jones

Age Grade Disciplinary Secretary:  David Parry-Jones

GRFU Schools/Colleges Discipline Secretary: Keith Gee

GRFU has delegated authority to hold disciplinary hearings within the County.   The work of the Disciplinary Panel is governed by RFU Regulation 19. 

The full RFU Regulations can be accessed here & /or follow the title links:

When a red card has been given:

  • clubs should inform the Disciplinary Secretary . THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 48 HOURS  as per RFU regulations.
  • clubs should respond promptly to any communications from the Discipline Secretary
  • clubs should ensure that the carded player sees the referees report.
  • further relevant information is contained in the letter sent  to clubs along with GRFU charge sheet and referees report
  • clubs are responsible for any invoice issued for administration costs. It is a club internal matter if they wish their player to pay.
  • a further suspension on the player can be issued if an invoice has not been settled within 21 days
  • the Discipline Secretary will always give advice should a club be concerned about any issue

Copy of letter sent to all clubs from Discipline Chair - September 2022

GRFU Disciplinary hearings 2023/24