Sector Head:  Mark Elton

Disciplinary Secretary:  David Parry-Jones

Junior Disciplinary Secretary:  Glenda McWalter


***For all adult red card/citing offences, the primary contact is GRFU Discipline Secretary***

All clubs should inform the Discipline Secretary when a red card offence occurs. If invited along to a discipline panel, please ensure all attending have read the referee's report, the club must request the referee's attendance if disputing the report and all attending should be familiar with the discipline process as detailed in the regulations linked below.


For advice on handling Age Grade Rugby Discipline Procedures for clubs or schools, please read:


Zero Tolerance letter: issued November 2019 


GRFU has delegated authority to hold disciplinary hearings within the County.   The work of the Disciplinary Panel is governed by RFU Regulation 19. 

The full RFU Regulations can be accessed here & /or follow the title links:

RFU Regulations 19 - Discipline

Appendix 1  -  Yellow Cards

Appendix 2  -  Sanction Entry Points

Appendix 3  -  Disciplinary Costs / RFU Administration Fees

Appendix 4  -  Adult Rugby Citing Procedures

Appendix 5  -  RFU Practice Notes & Sanctions Guidance

Appendix 6  -  Age Grade Rugby Disciplinary Procedures

Appendix 7  - Disciplinary Hearing Procedure & draft form


GRFU Disciplinary hearings 2021/22 can be found here