Player Insurance - The South Western Division Rugby Football Mutual Benefit Fund

The Fund founded by the late Tom Lean of Plymouth in 1920 is administered by official representatives of Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire and Somerset, to provide financial assistance to players, officials and/or referees, or in the case of death where there is hardship, to relatives of same. The assistance given over the years has been considerable, but due to the development of the game on a more physical basis the number of injuries is not only increasing but is becoming more serious, and the question of insurance cover is a matter which should be looked into.

There are still a number of clubs in the South West who have apparently overlooked the important factor of making sure their players are adequately covered against injury, and the attention of every club is therefore drawn to the advantages to be obtained from taking up Membership of the South Western Mutual Benefit Fund, particularly in view of the fact that two significant changes have been made from last year, viz.,

  1. The Insurance taken up with the Fund for loss of earnings Benefit will now cover up to £50 PER DAY. (All claims are based on a 6-day week.)

  2. The RFU this year will pay the Compulsory Insurance and Public/Employers Liability direct. This means we have reduced our Premiums to show this.
    Other points are:-

  3. Maximum period of Benefit is 156 days, although this can be increased in special circumstances at the Committee’s discretion.

  4. In addition to LOSS OF EARNINGS BENEFIT, cover also includes PHYSIOTHERAPY & DENTAL TREATMENT not available under the D.H.S.S.

  5. You will see the Fund was founded in 1920 under the aegis of the South West Constituent Bodies for rugby people.
    Full details are available from – R.J. Farthing, 49A Bridge Street, Taunton, Somerset TA1 1TP.

  6. Professional Players & Referees
    Nbo compensation is payable in respect of loss of income derived from the playing, coaching or refereeing of rugby union football.

  7. Premiums
    Annual premiums are due on the 1st August in each year and cover claims in respect of injuries sustained in the ensuing 12 months.

WARNING – An upsurge in the number of casual games such as ‘Pub XV’s has been reported. Club Officials would be well advised to inform their players that they are unlikely to be covered for any form of insurance when playing in such games not on a club’s normal fixture list.

Important Notices

Death from Heart Failure or Collapse does not come within the cover afforded by the Rules of the Fund but is available from the RFU.
If claims are not notified in accordance with the Rules, and the correct information given, then a claim might be rejected.

Claims Procedure

  1. Immediately a player is injured on the field of play his Club Secretary must be informed, and a first notification that a claim may develop must be sent to the Hon. Secretary of the Fund WITHIN TWENTY ONE DAYS.

  2. WITHIN TWENTY ONE DAYS of the injury, the claim form must be completed as required, and forwarded with the relevant documents requested to the Hon. Secretary of the Fund.

  3. Nett Weekly wage is the actual amount received by the player after all statutory deductions such as NHS, Tax, etc., have been deducted, and it is essential copies or proof of wages are sent.

  4. As soon as the player has been declared fit to resume his occupation, a final medical certificate should be sent to the Hon. Secretary of the Fund, when the benefit due will be paid providing everything is in order.

  5. It is primarily the responsibility of the player and his Captain to ensure the Official dealing with insurance is notified without undue delay of any injury to a player.

Telephone: 01823 331335