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RugbySafe Update - October 19

Simply Health Partnership
The RFU/ England Rugby have partnered with Simply Health, who have become our trusted healthcare partner as well as the headline sponsor for RugbySafe.
This is an exciting opportunity for the RugbySafe brand and planning is underway to explore how we can work with Simply Health to develop and expand RugbySafe, including how to improve access to healthcare for players. More details to follow as the plans progress; this will hopefully have a significant impact on the profile of RugbySafe in the future.
RugbySafe webpages

The new England Rugby website is up and running and whilst there are RugbySafe webpages on it, the Keep Your Boots On (KYBO) website ( remains available as a comprehensive “hub” for everything RugbySafe.

RugbySafe Twitter, Facebook and Comms

The RugbySafe Twitter page is being relaunched later this month along with a new RugbySafe Facebook group.  If you are on this platforms please follow/join the group to keep up to date on everything RugbySafe.  

Twitter - @RugbySafe

Facebook – TBC (watch this space)

Regular RugbySafe updates will also be going out via the KYBO newsletter, feel free to keep in the loop by signing up at the bottom on the following page -

GMS pages

The new RugbySafe & Player Welfare page on GMS is now live, this has been communicated via the Community Game Update.

Please ensure your club records are updated, as this will really help us understand current provision levels and what needs to be focussed on, and will give GRFU up to date contact details for our club RugbySafe Leads.

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