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RFU Council Representatives

RFU Council Representatives  




For the majority, probably not, would be my assumption.  It’s a very rewarding but also demanding role and occupies a fair amount of time every month of the season.


Due to RFU restrictions relating to ongoing tenure, both our current Representatives, Simon Collyer-Bristow and Nigel Gillingham, will have to stand down in the very near future.  In view of the number of clubs affiliated to GRFU, we have two Council Reps, whereas the majority of CBs only have one.


GRFU will, therefore, soon be asking for nominations, from our clubs, for their replacements.  Obviously, you cannot nominate someone without checking with them first that they have a sufficient passion for our game, plus the ability to dedicate the hours required. 


You will also be asked to support the nominations from the GRFU Management Committee of its nominations.  The first being for Nigel, as the RFU will have to be informed of his successor by 1st April 2020.   The GRFU Appointments Panel will be pursuing this process in due course.


As there is too much information to include in the GRN and it’s far too important to try to edit into a manageable article, we will be sending out the notes, given to us by our two Reps, in one of the emailed County Office Bulletins.  This will highlight a month in the Reps’ rugby diaries.  It will be available on the GRFU website so that you can read it at your leisure.


By way of a taster of what’s to come, this is a precis of the role of RFU Council Representative. 


  • Keeping GRFU clubs and the Constituent Body informed about RFU matters.
  • Holding the RFU Board of Directors to account.
  • Working with RFU Council Members, RFU staff and other volunteers to develop policies and strategies to help the development of the Game in England.
  • Acting as an ambassador for the RFU.
  • Helping influence other unions on matters of mutual interest affecting the Game across the world.


Why not start thinking if there is someone in your rugby circle who might fit the bill.  If you are interested in knowing more about this role, please read the information which will be sent out in the Bulletin with a link to the GRFU website.

READ  an example of what’s involved by our current RFU Council representatives. They have each compiled a diary of their work for a typical month -see below.


Simon Collyer-Bristows. November 2018 here

 And Nigel Gillingham’s, February 2019 here

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