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RFU Council Members

Gloucestershire RFU has now successfully completed the election for our new representative on the RFU Council to replace Nigel Gillingham, who will have served his term and become RFU Vice President for the upcomig season 2020-21.

Keith Gee has been elected for a 3-year term from August 1st 2020 to July 31st 2023.

Simon Collyer-Bristow will be completing the final year of his current 3-year term, until July 31st 2021. 


Each CB has one or two Council represntatives on Council; GRFU has two due to the number of clubs within Gloucestershire:

RFU Council Members are elected to serve a 3 year term on Council and represent the Game as a whole. The majority represent clubs from each Constituent Body. They do this by ...

  • Representing their clubs or National CBs on the RFU Council and various committees.
  • Listening to their clubs and members.
  • Helping to shape the future direction of the game
  • Communicating the work of the RFU to their clubs

The RFU Council meets four to five times a year and discusses various matters affecting the game. 

Key responsibilities:

Each Council Member, as part of the RFU Council:

  • Plays a role in holding the Board of Directors to account for the management of the affairs of the RFU
  • Provides a voice for their member clubs to be involved in RFU council discussion.
  • To pass resolutions and regulations in respect to the playing, governance and regulation of the game.

Current GRFU Council members: 

Nigel Gillingham

Simon Collyer-Bristow







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