Remembering members of our rugby family 2022-23

Remembering those players, supporters, volunteers and administrators lost this season who were a part of our rugby family and gave so much to the game:

Clive Annettes - Gloucester & District Referee Society

Mark Barnard - Brockworth RFC

Roger Bealing - Clifton RFC

Stuart Clark - Southmead RFC

Malcolm Collier - St Mary's Old Boys RFC

Peter Colston - St Brendan's Old Boys RFC

Luke Colton - Whitehall RFC

Terry Dowell - Bishopston RFC

Arthur Duggan - St Mary's Old Boys RFC

Kevin Fairman - Old Bristolians RFC

Gary Hesketh - St Mary's Old Boys RFC

Ian Hillier - Gloucestershire RFU, Bristol Referee Society, Bristol Wanderers, Bristol Schools'

John Knight - Southmead RFC

John Nelmes - Lydney RFC

David "Polly" Perkins - Old Elizabethans RFC, QEH & Bristol Rugby

Keith Plain - Gloucestershire RFU, RFU Council Member

Mike Purnell - St Mary's Old Boys RFCRichard Smith - Stroud RFC

Alex Roberts - Longlevens RFC

Dave Rollitt - Gloucestershire RFU, England Rugby

Fred Smith - Gloucester Old Boys RFC, the Former Player's Club [Gloucester Rugby]

Allan Townsend - GRFU, SW DOC, Gloucester Rugby

Arthur Williams - Cirencester RFC

Rob Wills - Aretians RFC