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Playing Up out of age grade consent form

Before completing this form please read the RFU Regulations 15 and Age Grade Codes of practice.

Note: Please see separate form in relation to England Academy Players.

Full name
Date of birth
Chronological Age Grade
Proposed Age Grade
Playing Position
Period of permission, including dates
Reason to play the player out of age grade (Why the player needs to play and train with an older age group. Detail any consultaion the coach has had with the RFU CRC)
Assessment by an Experienced level 2 Age Grade Coach
Explain what the coach did and the evidence gained of the child's physical maturity that supports playing up
Explain what the coach did and the evidence gained of the child's emotional maturity that supports playing up
If U13 or above, tell us whether, if a male, he is part of the Regional Academy development player programme with Bristol or Gloucester Rugby. If a female, if involved in one of the Centres of Excellence with Bristol or Gloucester - Hartpury Ladies.
What if any, representative rugby has the individual played since the age of 15
School or Club application?

Proposer ( name

Parent/guardian/carer or head teacher name

England Rugby
Teamwork Respect Enjoyment Discipline Sportsmanship

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