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Application to run a Competition, Festival or Tournament

The RFU requires that Clubs/Combinations/Districts/Colleges & Schools seek permission from the County Constituent Body, the School’s CSU or College’s Union (ECRFU), to run Tournaments or Festivals for U7-U18s.
(RFU Regulation 15.9.1 - A Tournament/Festival is anything involving 4 teams or more.) The regulation states:

Anyone who organises any competitive activity for male and female players at U18 and below must ensure that such activity is run in accordance with the:
  1. Competition Menu and the competition format of the specific age grade; and
  2. Competitive Playing Calendar

At least one month’s notice of the intention to run such events must be given.
In making this application we confirm that:

Organisation running the event
Details of official running event Name
Tel No
Date of event
Start & finish times
Where event will be held
Age group(s) involved
List of Clubs/ Colleges/ Schools invited and how many teams from each
Number of pitches to be used
Who will referee matches
Details of official responsible for first aid & safety Name
Tel No
Details of first aid provision to meet RFU guidelines (including details of any organisation involved in provision)
Regulation 9 has been read & risk assessment completed?
Details of official / teacher responsible for safeguarding aspects of event and who will be present throughout event Name
Tel No
Safeguarding qualification / teacher
Is event running in accordance with RFU First Aid/Immediate Care Provision Minimum Operating Standards
Is event running in accordance with RFU Age Grade Competitive Rugby Menu
Is event running in accordance with Reg 15 and Age Grade Codes of Practice?
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