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Playing Adult Rugby - Player Approval Form

  1. The ultimate consideration must be for the welfare and safety of the player and those they play with/against.
  2. There must be clear communication with all those involved in and affected by the decision.
  3. The following aspects must be considered:
    1. The physical and social development of the individual and their playing colleagues
    2. The skill level and experience of the individual
    3. The individual’s playing position in the team
    4. The competitive standard of the particular match and playing conditions.
  4. The form must be completed in full, endorsed by a coach of at least UKCC Level 2 and submitted to the Constituent Body (CB) for approval. Once approved, the player can play adult rugby, not before.

Player Full Name
RFU ID Number
Date of birth
Current Age Band
Age Grade Playing Position(s):
Potential Adult Playing Position(s): Note: Players aged 17 years old are not permitted to play or train in adult rugby in the front row.
Number of years the player has played rugby:
Representative rugby the player has played since 15 years old (include DPP, Academy & Centre of Excellence):
Adult team(s) the player is likely to play for:
Will the player also continue to play Age Grade Rugby?
Reason for the player to play out of their Age Grade:
Player Assessment:
To include findings and how each element was measured. The Club guide provides guidance on supporting evidence and how it might be measured.
Suitable for Adult Rugby?
Skill level and ability
Physical development for their age
Social & emotional development for their age
Additional comments & considerations

Coach Endorsement (This assessment must be endorsed by a coach of at least UKCC Level 2):
Coach Name:
Coach email:
RFU ID Number:

We certify that all the information on this form is correct and if approved, agree to play the above player in Adult Rugby in accordance with RFU Regulation 15 (Age Grade Rugby).:
Proposed By:
Club Role:

Parent or Guardian: