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Cross Border Matches - Advance Approval

RFU Regulation 10 - Cross Border matches with Scottish and Welsh clubs

As stated in RFU Community Game Update [November 2019]: RFU Regulation 10 deals with tours, which invariably involve overnight stays and activities other than rugby, and cross border matches, predominantly against Scottish and Welsh clubs where the travel and match can be completed in less than a day. For tours, clubs have to apply well in advance, using the online Tour application for approval, providing significant detail of the activities.
However, cross border matches are often arranged at late notice.
Therefore, the regulation allows CBs to give advance approval at the beginning of the season to its clubs to play such matches without at that stage having any detail of the games (opponents, venue, and whether age grade or adult teams).

GRFU clubs can now apply for Advance Approval of Cross Border Matches, completing the form below. To comply with the World Rugby regulation, when clubs play such fixtures, and have advance approval from GRFU, they will now need to send to County Office, at the end of the season. a list of such matches with the following information:

This applies for this season onward, but the RFU Regulation 10 will be amended to reflect this requirement alongside other regulation amendments that are published on 1st August each year.

GRFU Club Details:

Name of GRFU club
Club Honorary Secretary or Chair to complete
Telelephone Numbers
Position held at club

It is the responsibility of the HOST CLUB to obtain the approval of the Host Union. It is the GRFU CLUB's responsibility to ensure that the CB approval is granted prior to travelling

Approval from GRFU will be subject to you obtaining the Cross Border Host Union's approval and the CB may withhold approval until such time as it is provided with written confirmation of the Host Union's approval.


  1. All Players are covered by the appropriate insurance with adequate cover for rugby activity, travel and any other non-rugby activities undertaken, including legal & medical costs.

  2. INSURANCE: While insurance for travel and medical costs is not always necessary for matches in other Home Unions, it is suggested that clubs seek advice from an insurance advisor on what additional insurances may be appropriate, depending on the destination and method of travel.

  3. All activity will comply and be played in accordance with RFU Regulations, IRB Regulations and IRB Laws of the Game as appropriate to the Host Union.
  4. The Club agrees that the RFU or CB shall have the power to take disciplinary action in relation to players and other personnel in respect of all matches involving its Clubs, regardless of whether the match is played in England or in another Union.
  5. The Club has completed a Risk Assessment and that the Touring with Children and Vulnerable Adults Guide has been followed in relation to all age-grade matches.
  6. The information and statements set out in this form are true and correct.
  7. The club committee fully endorses this match application.
  8. The club agrees to submit a full list of matches played cross border, to include date of match, venue (home or away), name of club and Union (invariably a Welsh [WRU] club), details of team involved (1XV women, 2XV men, U16 boys, U9 girls etc) and result.