Meet GRFU's Mental Health Ambassador - Rich Berry

Rich is a Headteacher of a special school for boys with social, emotional and mental health issues & a rugby coach within the Bristol Bears Academy which him gives me a good insight into the issues faced by young people.   

He says that:

“Rugby is unique as it caters for everyone no matter what body size and shape. There is a place for everyone so I want to be able to support clubs (coaches & parents) to understand the issues faced by our young people some can help them to become resilient adults and stay in our game.

    Our focus in Safeguarding at present is about child abuse, physical & sexual. Childhood mental health is one of the biggest issues we as a country face. We need to be using our great game to help tackle the issues and raise awareness.

    By raising awareness we want to be able to promote Mental Health FirstAid & the ability to signpost to professionals".

    “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men” - Frederick Douglas