Local Rugby Plan

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, work on the 2019-20 Local Rugby Plan was terminated in March 2020. The remaining funding for the plan was redirected to an Immediate Support Fund for clubs suffering financial hardship as a result of the pandemic, and to assist the restart of community rugby once that is possible.

The work completed prior to cessation is summarised on the link below

End-of-year achievement is recorded using a simple green, amber, or red analysis.  Green indicates that the project has been successfully completed as expected; amber that the project was partially completed and will continue in some form in the following year's plan; and red indicates that the project failed or unnecessary and requires redesign if it is to be included in the following year's plan. Actual targets are found in the note's column

Effective communication is at the heart of strategy and we welcome any constructive feedback on the plan or areas you believe we may have missed.  Working together we can make a difference and take rugby in Gloucestershire to the next level.

An in depth survey of clubs needs for next season, conducted prior to the emergency, will now form the basis of planning for the 2021-22 season, when hopefully our sport returns to normality. 

As you will appreciate, RFU funding, and consequently our own plans, to support community rugby in the county cannot be determined with any degree of certainty at present, so no formal plan for 2020-21 is being prepared currently.