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Local Rugby Plan

Local Rugby Plan

The Local Rugby Plan (LRP) has superseded the Annual Delivery Plan. The LRP is a result of what you (our Clubs) told us at the forums, which were held throughout the County earlier this year, should be the priority actions for GRFU to support you in 2019/20. That information was collated and priority actions produced and put into the LRP, this has now been submitted to and approved by the RFU.

The LRP is a living strategic document, which gives details of all the objectives and priority actions that the Local Rugby Plan Delivery Group (LRPDG) have been charged with delivering. The LRPDG will meet 3-4 times during the season to review delivery progress against the objectives and priority actions within the Plan.

The LRP, driven by the needs of you our clubs and the game in Gloucestershire, is open and transparent; it is your plan that you want us (the GRFU) to act upon.  You will be able to access the latest version of the Local Rugby Plan after the meetings of the Delivery Group using the link:

However, if you have any questions about the LRP at any time during the year, please contact me, Mike Heath, as Chairman of the LRP Delivery Group.


GRFU 2020-21 Survey

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Many thanks to those who responded.


Local Rugby Plan 2019-20

End-of-year achievement is recorded using a simple green, amber, or red analysis.  Green indicates that the project has been successfully completed as expected; amber that the project was partially completed and will continue in some form in the following year's plan; and red indicates that the project failed or unnecessary and requires redesign if it is to be included in the following year's plan. Actual targets are found in the note's column

Effective communication is at the heart of strategy and we welcome any constructive feedback on the plan or areas you believe we may have missed.  Working together we can make a difference and take rugby in Gloucestershire to the next level.


GRFU Annual Delivery Plan (2018-19) - End of Season Report






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