Introduction to the CB

  • Purpose

‘To support the strengthening of member clubs and grow the game in communities around them through effective leadership, governance and administration’ 
  • Values 


These five Core Values have been identified and adopted by the game and embody the way in which the game is played, administered and supported at all levels, up to and including the national teams and RFU staff. CBs play an essential part in promoting the Core Values to their clubs. 
  • Vision 

The RFU will retain and develop a strong and vibrant local rugby leadership across all CBs, their work contributing directly to a sustainable club structure and more players, teams and matches. By leading the game and through effective and efficient management, CBs will support clubs to deliver activity that meets their needs and those of their members and the wider game. Through this we will  become England’s strongest sport.

“More Players Playing More Often” 

This is our aspirational goal. In all we do we want to encourage players, spectators, enablers to enjoy rugby and help the game flourish. 


Additional information: 

The Principles of the CB

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