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WADWORTH change RFU & District League names

WADWORTH, our main sponsor, have renamed the RFU and GRFU District leagues.

With WADWORTH having an array of different beers, the family brewery has now broadened the availability of their beer portfolio…. making the trendy golden ales easily available to all of our clubs.

Alongside 6X, GRFU clubs can now order Horizon and other beers in their seasonal range through their usual supplier.  

WADWORTH are excited to have brewed a bespoke beer for the Rugby World Cup, called Rising Scrum.  Look out for more information on our social media accounts soon!

Those who attended the recent AGM will have already tasted Game of Stones and Horizon, two of their permanent Golden Ales.  Jerry Green, National Sales Executive, explained the rationale behind the change in the sponsorship name going on to say “When we first came on board, the only brand with national distribution was 6X.  Since then, we have gone on to gain many listings meaning Horizon is another beer nationally available.

Wadworth have been successful with listing through suppliers, of their Rising Scrum and again, should be available from your current supplier.  We have heard, with the onset of the RWC that lots of rugby clubs will be showing games with breakfast and beer … this is a great beer to support your activities!”

Jerry Green, as always, is on hand for brand support to our clubs; feel free to contact him by emailing .uk or call 07944 124 5626.  Otherwise, Andrea, GRFU County Office can put you in touch. 

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