GRFU's 1st accredited mentally healthy club

Congratulations to UBWRFC, our first cub to achbive the mental health & Wellbeing Accreditation.Rich Berry has shared "It is great to get our first club across the line with accreditation. Mental health and wellbeing is on all our agendas right now, so I am delighted to support clubs with the ability to help their members by taking them through this process"

 Sunshine states:

"I was really keen to achieve this accreditation for the club as we've always been determined to provide a safe space for our members, both in and out of training, and I wanted something to show for all the hard work we have put in over the years in doing this. For most of our members rugby is a place where they can escape from the normal everyday stresses at university, as well as being a great place to build up confidence surrounded by a really supportive and inclusive group of girls. This year has been really difficult because of the restrictions on training and so we have taken this opportunity to really try and improve the wellbeing and mental health support that we provide, as well as supporting other initiatives through social media. While I was collecting all the evidence for the accreditation I had so much support from the other committee members and our Head Coach, Keith Leaker, which is a real testament to how supportive our club is as a whole. I owe so much to the club and everything it's done for me over the past three years and so I really wanted to do something to show my appreciation."

Rich, GRFU's Senior Safeguarding Manager and Wellbeing & Mental Health Ambassaodr, is workokng with otehr GRFU clubs currently but encourages any club to make contact to find out more information and/or to start the process.