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GRFU start the new season with a revamped Wadworth 6X District League structure.

 GRFU start the new season with a revamped Wadworth 6X District League structure.

Season 2018-19 will see several changes to what were the Wadworth 6X leagues for clubs’ lower XVs.


The name has been changed to “Wadworth 6X District Leagues” to better reflect the fact that for most teams the league is split geographically into Bristol and District leagues and Gloucester and District leagues.

 Additionally there is a new countywide Wadworth 6X District Premier League. This comprises nine 2nd XVs of clubs playing at RFU Level 6 or above plus Cinderford 3rd XV.

Details about these changes fixtures and results over the season can be found here-

There are three leagues in both Bristol & District and Gloucester & District. The Bristol & District leagues comprise 10 teams in each league whilst Gloucester & District has two 10-team leagues and one 9-team league.

After widespread consultation these changes will hopefully minimise travel for all clubs and with the addition of the Wadworth 6X District Premier league meaningful competition will be available to those clubs playing at the higher levels.

Stuart Gilbraith Head of GRFU Competitions says –these (changes) are a genuine attempt to provide competitive rugby for all levels.



There are separate Regulations for the Premier League and the other District leagues. These have been sent to clubs and are also on the GRFU website. Both sets of regulations are relaxed from normal RFU league regulations to ensure as many games as possible are played. Clubs have been consulted on these regulations and have been asked to adhere to the spirit of the game and to fulfil fixtures even when they have fewer than 15 players or have to play with uncontested scrums as the regulations explain.

All results will now be sent to First Eleven Agency by 6pm on the day a match is played to come into line with 1st XVs in the RFU leagues. The results and tables will appear on the RFU results page, as will fixtures.




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