Welcome to GRFU. I hope that this induction pack assists you in your new role and that the information provided gives you the contextual background to your important work. If there are any gaps, please tell us and we will endeavour to fill them.

Please also remember that our County Administrator will support you, along with the Officers and other Team GRFU members, so don’t hesitate to make contact if you need help.

Once appointed, you will be sent a letter of appointment from County Office. Your letter of appointment will explain your reporting structure; whether to the Chair of the Executive Board, or one of the four GRFU Divisional Leads of |On-Field, Off-Field, Governance & Welfare or Volunteer Development. Those responsible for RFU delegated functions [Discipline and Safeguarding] will also report, as necessary, to GRFU Governance & Welfare Lead. Following confirmation of your appointment, the wider GRFU community will be informed via our website, social media and the GRFU weekly round-up.

Attached to your letter will be a copy of relevant meeting schedules and an expenses form

All GRFU work is guided by our Operating Procedures. These explain inter relationships between the various Divisions, Executive Board and will guide you concerning lines of accountability and responsibility. 

Once you have been appointed, you will be given details of your budget [if any], and any ongoing commitments that are a legacy of your predecessor or of the local Gloucestershire Action Plan, which will reflect our priorities each season. 

Chris Cooper is Treasurer for GRFU and he will contact you to explain the budget and process for approving expenditure. 

A member of the Executive Board will endeavour to meet with you within two weeks of your appointment in order to welcome you and explain any further nuances to your role and outline the key priorities for your area of responsibility.  If there are any essential links with other Divisions, these will also be explained . Where relevant and possible, you will be able to access data and information, especially contacts, from your predecessor.  From time to time, the Executive Board will expect to receive and review reports from your activities. 

GRFU Volunteer Lead is responsible for recommending or approving further training and will also conduct an annual review to ensure that there are no impediments to your work and to discuss your ongoing involvement with GRFU.

As communication is a vital aspect of our work, County Office will arrange to meet with you to discuss navigating the website, GRFU social media platforms, and our branding.

Once again thank you for volunteering and good luck in your new role. 

Yours in Rugby, 

Adrian Siddorn, GRFU President & Volunteer Lead



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