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Following the new government advice easing lockdown, the RFU issued revised guidance to clubs on Fri 29 May 2020.  While rugby activity remains suspended, it is unclear whether clubs can now organise or co-ordinate fitness training for its players on its pitches, subject to the social distancing rules, not sharing equipment, and only using the club house (if required) for access to the pitches, for toilet facilities and (if the club is licenced to do so) to provide take-away refreshments. 

The subsequent government update on Saturday seemed to suggest that this is now permitted, but there is a question as to whether such mass gatherings are what is intended by the government’s approach to a cautious easing of the lockdown.

The RFU is expecting updated advice from the DCMS today, Mon 1 Jun 2020, and then will be issuing revised guidance for clubs, which we will highlight to clubs and continue to feature on this website.

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