Game On


As the 2022/2023 season approaches, we want to let you know about an even more flexible Game On framework being introduced this season to help clubs keep games on and reduce cancellations.  Game On is in Regulation 6  (page 8) for all non-RFU leagues and cups, meaning all games count as a part of your competition. 

We appreciate having a full 15 is often preferred, by teams. When this isn’t possible, however, you and the teams in your competition can still get your games played using Game On, providing there is a minimum of ten players. So, there’s no need to cancel or postpone games. Teams can agree with their opposition to use Game On options,  ensuring players can play and keep coming back for more.  This helps us to better retain our players and make our clubs more sustainable. 

There have been some changes to Game On this season meaning it works better for all players. These include the option to scrummage with a maximum 1.5 m push, in addition to the existing contested or uncontested scrums. The pitch size and game duration can also be adapted to suit the needs of players.  Further details can be found on the Game On web page, including resources you can use to help promote Game On.  This webpage will continue to be updated in the coming weeks.