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Fitness & friends gained whilst losing stones & inches

Melissa McCouch came to us about 10 weeks ago with the goal of completing a round of 6 weeks Bootcamp, combined with Wednesday training (16 sessions) in the hope to learn and get fit enough to play her first ever game of rugby.

Rugby is something Mel has always wanted to try but had never felt confident enough to give it ago, and with a little bit of a help push from Tara Prudhoe, Mel plucked up the courage to come along.

Mel’s goal was to lose some weight and get fit; anyone that came along to Bootcamp will have witnessed the determination and motivation Mel showed. She pushed herself in with the running, games and all of the burpees, never cutting corners even if it meant finishing last.

This Sunday saw Mel run out in North’s colours for her debut, played a whole forty minutes and a job well done! She made some great tackles and good carries.

Mel lost 2 stone in weight, 6 inches from her waist, 6 inches from her stomach and 5 inches from each of her thighs.

She states: “I started bootcamp after realising that I needed to make some changes in my life, I needed to get healthy and lose some weight. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming; the sessions were fun and I didn't even notice how hard I was working.

The girls were so encouraging that I pushed myself harder each week to get to a level of fitness where I could finally play and I loved every single second of it. “

From all the ladies, we want to say how proud we are of you! What an inspirational story - rugby is for everyone and we feel very lucky that you chose to come to us! You are part of a very special group now! Welcome to our family.

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