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First Aid

The number of people trained and the level to which they are trained should be determined by a risk assessment of your club and its facilities.

Click here for more details on risk assessments.

The RFU recommend that Appointed First Aiders are trained to a minimum level of Emergency First Aid at Work / L2 Sports First Aider (or equivalent) while individual’s who oversee first aid should be trained to a minimum level of First Aid at Work/ L3 Sports First Aider (or equivalent).

While individuals who oversee first aid should be trained to a minimum level of First Aid at Work/ L3 Sports First Aider (or equivalent).

Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union – Training for Appointed First Aiders

The Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union (EFARU) course is the RFU’s specifically developed course that provides the recommended minimum level of first aid training for any appointed first aiders. The course provides learners with a sound level of knowledge and understanding and covers topics specifically to relevant rugby volunteers assisting at matches and training sessions.

Information on the course is available as downloadable RugbySafe EFARU Essential Guide

Who is this qualification designed for? 

The EFARU course has been developed by the RFU and is a fully recognised Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course with extra rugby-specific elements designed for coaches, match officials and volunteers who are designated as a first-aider and are responsible for providing pitch-side cover at both training and matches.

What will you get from attending the course? 

As well as developing the appropriate First Aid knowledge and skills learners will also get:

  • A certificate from the awarding body 1st4Sport

  • RugbySafe information and resources

  • Don’t be a HEADCASE information and resources

  • Discounted first aid equipment is available to all clubs and schools at 

How to arrange a course?

To organise a course at your club, school or organisation please contact your RDO.

Other First Aid Courses

If you are considering other first aid course providers it is worth considering the following to determine if a particular course is suitable for your needs:

  • What qualification is awarded? The recommended minimum level is equivalent to Emergency First Aid at Work / L2 First Aider, these courses generally are a minimum of  one day or 6 hours.

  • Courses should have a quality assurance process (shown by an accreditation mark from a body such as the Health and Safety Executive).

  • Does the course cover basic first aid and life support skills along with both common rugby injuries (such as concussion) and rare but serious injuries (such as spinal injury) in sufficient detail?

  • What experience and qualifications does the trainer have? (e.g. medical background, years of tutor experience, knowledge of rugby)

  • How many people will be in the training session? (suggested maximum: 16 per trainer)

  • What insurance does the trainer have? (e.g. personal liability cover)

  • What resources are provided for out of course learning? (E.g. training manual, online support etc.)

  • What is the assessment process, how are learners recognised as competent?

Club First Aider Courses

A full First Aider course (usually two to four days tuition) should provide progression for those who have done an Emergency First Aid course. Re-certification is every 3 years.

Course should contain the following topics as a minimum:

  • Responsibilities, legal and ethical framework

  • Basic anatomy and physiology of musculoskeletal system

  • Injury - basic concepts, causes and principles of management

  • Wounds and bleeding

  • Sports injuries; muscle/ligament strains and sprains, limb fractures/dislocations, concussion, head and facial injuries, chest injuries, spinal injuries

  • Medical emergencies

  • Basic life support

Examples of suitable courses: 

  • HSE First Aid at Work

  • St John Ambulance Activity First Aid course

  • Red Cross Standard Certificate in First Aid course 

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