Financial Guidance

GRFU Finance Sector Head: Simon Thornton

Email: Mobile: 07899 926486

This section covers all areas of you club's financial management and the link below gives guidelines, which are vital to a successful club:

Financial Management

Having sufficient money to build and run better facilities is fundamental to your club’s continued success. Tax can hinder or sometimes help your money issues. On the link below there are a number resources intended to point you in the right direction, although in many cases you will need to engage appropriate specialists to deliver specific advice - Tax Guidance.


It is important that all sports organisations keep some degree of control over the finances generated through their activities – rugby clubs are no exception to this. There is a need for clubs to have accurate accounting systems in place so that records of financial transaction which have taken place are accessible and transparent for auditing purposes. In order for this process to be carried out effectively, clubs and their committees should look to appoint a treasurer or an accountant to manage the finances of the club. Further information can be found here.

Business Planning

It is essential that all community rugby clubs plan their finances in advance. You can follow this simple process to put together a simple business plan to:

  • Structure ideas and plans
  • Assess the management and organisation of the club
  • Identify income and expenditure and deal with cash flow

More detail on putting together business plans for specific capital projects can be found at Sport England. Further information on business planning can be found here.

Further information or free advice can be found by contact the Legal & Tax Helpline on 0330 303 1877.