Covid-19: AGM advice


With the current social distancing lockdown being extended until early May and future timelines still unknown, several Clubs have asked about the validity or otherwise of a virtual AGM and/or delaying an AGM until a physical AGM meeting can occur.

We have taken advice from the Legal Department at Twickenham and their advice was:

“Check your Articles/Constitution to find out what is specifically set out there

  • You probably have one of these options
    • Defer the AGM because the time window is not defined
    • Run a virtual AGM ensuring that reports are circulated before the meeting and you have checked out the technology so that everybody who would expect to attend can get included
    • Run a virtual AGM with a single agenda item to defer the AGM”


From the brief above advice GRFU believe the options and mechanism for your Clubs are:

  • If your Club Articles/Constitution allows, it is recommended that you defer your AGM and advise your membership that all Officers/Committee Members remain in place until such time an actual AGM can be arranged.
  • If your Club Articles/Constitution do not allow deferral past a certain date, or you have an Office /Committee member (ie; a post that cannot remain unfilled during this time of lockdown) that cannot/or will not stay in place, then we recommend that:
    • You convene your AGM virtually or with just your Chair/Hon. Secretary present, after sending an email Calling Notice to all members, stating that all current Officers and essential Committee members remain in place for the time being, and then immediately close it stating “that it will be re-convened at a more suitable date after social distancing has been relaxed”.
    • If necessary, the virtual AGM or email Calling Notice also deal with how the replacement Officer/essential Committee member post is filled; probably a temporary replacement until the matter can be dealt with formally at the reconvened AGM.  


GRFU expect that each Club will come up with a variant of what has been proposed dependent on your individual circumstances.

IF your Club wish to hold a full virtual AGM, County Office can send you guidance from Sport England on the methodology.

IF you have any related AGM questions, please contact me on 01285 851984 or


I hope that the principles and advice set out above help in your AGM decision making.

Best – Simon Collyer-Bristow, GRFU Chair of Governance