Club Management & Governance

Running Your Club Effectively

Getting the administrative side of your community rugby club right is an important part of ensuring success on the pitch. If the 'behind-the-scenes' requirements are managed effectively, attention and energy can rightly be focussed on the field of play.

Club Incorporation

If your club is not incorporated, your club officers and their assets can be put at risk. The RFU strongly recommends that all clubs incorporate and provide guidance and information regarding this process. 

You may wish to read more by clicking here.

Further details on Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC) can also be found here.

Health & Safety

A range of resources are offered to help clubs understand and implement health and safety requirements, including online materials which include videos and templates and awareness workshops.

Club Insurance Cover

Insurance for affiliated RFU Clubs level 3 and below is provided by the RFU for those participating in rugby union in the following areas; public/products liability insurance, employers liability insurance, referees and coaches liability insurance, directors and officers insurance. The RFU also arranges personal accident insurance for certain injuries suffered whilst playing rugby union. The cover is for catestrophic injuries and permanent total disablement. Further details click here

Energy Efficiency

Our bespoke online resource allows you to move through an interactive 3D clubhouse and discover tips on making yours more energy efficient. There is a range of suggestions for small, medium and large sized clubs. Further details click here.

Club Management & Business Planning

A range of resources are available to help clubs implement sound financial management. These online resources include; cash flow forecast, tax and case studies; online modules on financial management; development of business solutions such as direct debit and electronic management systems. For further information click here or for initial support and advice speak with the GRFU County Treasurer.

Commercial Revenues Resources

Guidance and information on developing commercial revenues for your club is readily available and includes guides, case studies and online tutorials covering: maximising bar revenue and catering opportunities, effectively packaging and presenting your prices and effective market research and marketing. For further details click here

Taxation Support

The RFU provides resources to help clubs to understand tax questions, with advice on a wide range of issues including: grants, sponsorship, fundraising & taxation, expenses, benefits and minimum wage, business rates and sale of land. Click here for further information or contact the Legal & Tax Helpline on 0330 303 1877