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Club Accreditation

To obtain accreditation clubs need to work with their RDO to demonstrate that the club successfully manages its self by linking its people, environment and commercial activities in a balanced way.

The 'Balanced Club Approach' is a self-review process for the club to undertake, addressing the six key drivers:

The values driven process starts by outlining a vision for the club together with an appraisal its strengths and weakness in relation to the key drivers. It is essential to realise the process is more important than assessment- there is no pass/fail.

Accreditation therefore is not a sterile paper exercise it is a practical process of engagement that results in vibrant clubs ensuring their continued success. The cynics might say its what ‘good’ clubs do anyway! But it’s always nice to see it traced out for others to see.

Accreditation is seen as a demonstration of good club management and governance so it would suggest that any club embarking on a large facility project would need to ensure this is in place to be considered suitable to manage, deliver and fund a large capital investment.

To find out more about accreditation please contact your RDO and or visit:

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