CB Immediate Support Fund - ISF

GRFU has re-allocated all remaining RFU funding for season 2020/21 to the Immediate Support Fund [ISF] and have agreed to dig deep into our own reserves to supplement it.

We have allocated an initial £50,000 to the fund, taking advantage of the RFU offer to match funds made available from our reserves. We are meeting on a regular basis (remotely) to determine exactly how that fund will be administered and will provide details to all clubs in the near future.

Initially we will offer:

  • Grants of up to £2,000 per club, depending on need.
  • Bridging Loans of higher amounts, pending release of Government or RFU assistance, where the need for funds is urgent.

Clearly, with so much uncertainty as to when “normality” returns, we will constantly monitor the appropriateness of our response.
In order to ensure that we target our resources on the most deserving clubs, we will require a certain amount of information prior to considering any application. RFU have prepared a template to assist with assessment of claims, illustrated below.
In addition to the information on the template, we will expect to see:

  • Recent Bank Statement
  • Latest Club Accounts
  • Copies of outstanding bills etc.
  • Club’s plans to manage their recovery

For further information, email covid.fund@grfu.org