Age Grade Rugby - Competitions Calendar

2021-2022 calendar 

The following notes will  assist when using the Age Grade Playing Calendar:

  • An explanation of the Age Grade Playing Calendar can be found here. Please note that the Calendar provided on this page is specific to Gloucestershire (for example it reflects GRFU Festivals etc) and therefore should be used by all GRFU clubs.
  • The Calendar provides a framework for dialogue between clubs, schools/colleges, rep rugby organisers, academies, players and parents.  This collaboration is essential in producing an appropriate and balanced playing programme for all Age Grade players.  This will lead to less over and under-playing and reduce conflict, particularly for players with a foot in more than one camp.
  • At the point of issue, it includes all festivals/tournaments known to be taking place within Age Grade Rugby in Gloucestershire.  It is the responsibility of Clubs/Schools/Colleges/Academies etc to request authority to deliver any festival/tournament through GRFU or GCSU (as appropriate) – this process can be found here.  Note that Festivals/Competitions that are subsequently ‘signed off’ will not be added to the GRFU Age Grade Playing Calendar but will be listed on the GRFU website.
  • GRFU and GCSU will only approve competitions that are in line with our Calendar, in the correct window and in accordance with the competitive menu, details of which can be found here:   At U17 and U18, where no window exists, approved activity should not impact on CB, national competition or cause a clash with club or school competition activity. 
  • Remember that ‘block’ or friendly fixtures can be played at any point throughout the season, they are not subject to the Calendar.

Please contact or for more information or clarification.