Age Grade adjustments

When the Government Roadmap moves to Step One A - Schools return

• From Monday 8 March, schools and colleges may be permitted to follow the Stage D1 guidance for internal rugby activity only – no external matches, in line with DfE guidance.

• All other age grade rugby must remain at Stage A until 29 March - meaning individuals can exercise alone or with one other from another household until Monday 29 March.

• Current lockdown restrictions remain.

• The current age grade match season will end on Monday 31 May. The focus for the remainder of the season should be on maximising the number of players safely getting out on a rugby pitch.

• The age grade out of season regulations are suspended for 2021 and replaced with a range of permitted non-contact and contact training & playing. The purpose of this is to support player safety, contact preparation and player retention for any out of season age grade activities.

• The process for 17-year-olds playing adult rugby is suspended from now until Saturday 1 January 2022. These are some of the players at greatest safety and retention risk due to the rugby they have missed. While this may impact some clubs at adult level, the longer-term safety and participation picture outweighs the short-term impact.

• In season 2021-22, the shift to the next set of age group rules is delayed until Saturday 1 January 2022. (E.g. U10s in 2021-22 will play U9 rules before Christmas and U10 rules after Christmas.) For girls that are in the multi-age U13, U15 and U18 bandings, they will move into that age band and play to those rules from September. Training and playing guidance will be provided to ensure safe progression and transition.