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GRFU Safeguarding Manager (NORTH):  Emma Jones 

GRFU Safeguarding Manager [SOUTH]:  Steve Sugar 


Please use this Reporting Form for any NEW, INITIAL CONCERN.


Safeguarding Children Training

The RFU is at the forefront of safeguarding young people participating in sport.  The RFU Safeguarding Policy sets out key principles as well as providing best practice guides.

Safeguarding training is available for both Club Safeguarding Officers and for any coach or volunteer working with children.

Play It Safe Course

The Play it Safe Course is designed for club coaches and volunteers working with children. This is a three-hour course designed to:

  • Identify best practices
  • Identify signs and indicators of possible abuse and poor practice
  • State action to take if there is a concern or disclosure
  • Recognise their role in safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults.

The Play it Safe course is £15 and, subject to requirements, can be run throughout the season. GRFU offer a 100% subsidy on the cost of this course, on completion.


In Touch Course

The In Touch Course can be attended by any club official, but is specifically targeted at Club Safeguarding Officers and Assistants. This is a free, 3 hour course designed to:

  • Define and explain role and responsibility of an RFU Club Safeguarding Officer

  • Identify the roles of club members and officers to promote best safeguarding practice

  • Identify the best practice when recruiting in the club

  • Manage concerns and disclosures
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Courses are organised by the Safeguarding Managers within GRFU, but if you do require a course, you can also contact your local RDO.

Use this link for more information regarding Disclosure & Barring Service


Safeguarding Case Management

The Safeguarding Case Officer provides a first point of contact for all issues around safeguarding. All referrals to the RFU will be dealt with speedily and appropriately.


Whenever you have any particular concern or issue involving safeguarding.

If you feel that the child is in immediate risk of abuse or harm then a statutory agency (local children's services or the police) should be contacted immediately.  An incident reporting form should be completed and forwarded to the below email, outlining the action you have taken with contact details of the statutory body you have contacted.


Tel: 020 8831 7479

Useful information link -


Click here for Advice for Children & Safeguarding Policies - guidance and procedures

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