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Disciplinary Hearings & Findings 2018-19

The GRFU Disciplinary Panel conducted hearings on the following dates at the following venues. Details of the findings for individual cases can be found by using the following links:

2018-19 Season:


April 10th 2019 - Thornbury RFC

March 28th 2019 - Thornbury RFC

March 21st 2019 - Thornbury RFC

March 12th - Thornbury RFC

February 2019 - Thornbury RFC

December 2018 - Gordon League RFC

November 2018 - Thornbury RFC

08 November 2018 - GORDON LEAGUE RFC

28 October 2018 - Thornbury RFC

23 October 2018 - Thornbury RFC

October 2018 - Thornbury RFC

August 2018 - Thornbury RFC

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