Age Grade Rugby

GRFU Age Grade Chair – Shaun Partridge [South] & Steve Bevan [North]

GRFU Schools Representative – Mark Nicholson

The GRFU Age Grade, Schools and Colleges committee has a sole aim of more players playing more often – in clubs, schools and colleges. 

This comes through effective collaboration from likeminded people at clubs, schools, players, coaches, teachers and many more. Alongside this, the committee supports other sector heads to ensure a safe and fair game is played in line with the core values of rugby – teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.

To support this, effective communication to and from the relevant parties within GRFU, RFU and the wider rugby community is necessary. 

The links below include any changes or information that will support the delivery of rugby in clubs, schools and colleges: 

For more information, feedback or any questions please get in touch via / or

Furthermore, if you wish to collaborate with likeminded people join our closed Facebook Group:  #GRFU Age Grade Rugby [official]