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The role of the M&Y Committee is to support the delivery of M&Y rugby across Gloucestershire through:

  • Consider and take an informed view on changes, issues and developments that affects M&Y rugby – including (but not limited to)
    • Reg 15 implementation and any changes
    • The Half Game rule
    • POOAG
    • The role of competition in M&Y rugby
    • The RFUs Kids First approach
  • Provide advice and guidance to M&Y Sections on current issues and enduring themes.
  • Ensuring a strong communication flow from Club M&Y Sections into the GRFU M&Y Committee and then onto to all stakeholders, including (but not limited to):
    • GRFU Management Committee
    • Other GRFU Sector Committees
    • Associated Referee Societies
    • GRFU Discipline Panel

providing an informed voice for M&Y rugby across the GRFU.

  • Ensuring strong communication from the RFU/ GRFU into M&Y sections.
  • Advocate best practice across M&Y sections - acknowledge it and ensure it is shared widely.
  • Support the growth of the game and collaboration between clubs, schools and other bodies.
  • Supporting the delivery of governance, safeguarding, competitions and discipline by other GRFU Sector Heads


Throughout our business the M&Y committee will promote and advocate:

  • The core values of rugby – teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and
  • Coaches, parents and all adults (involved in the game) being child centred and development driven.
  • Continuous development and upskilling of coaches.
  • Creation of the best possible environment for age grade rugby, so that everyone stays in the game longer.



The M&Y Committee has representatives from every Combination within the GRFU – please do contact them or Tim Ravenscroft (M&Y Sector Head) if you need advice, guidance or wish to raise an issue for consideration by the committee.


Tim Ravenscroft - Chair

Jason Roberts – Drybrook RFC

Graham Stait – Chipping Sodbury RFC

Katie Thomson – Dursley RFC and Matson RFC

Alistair Carter – Chosen Hill FP RFC

Phil Grinnell – Gordon League RFC

Steve Bevan – Cinderford RFC

Richard Evans – Cirencester RFC

Nick Lockett – Chipping Sodbury RFC



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